Types of Cleanings

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. When it comes to house cleaning we have two types of cleanings a deep clean and a standard clean.



Standard Clean

A standard clean is less expensive, less thorough, and
takes less time to complete than a deep clean. It
maintains the cleanliness of a home on a regular basis

When you would need a standard clean?

‣ Ideal for those who want to hire a cleaning services to keep
up with ongoing cleaning needs
‣ It is great for those who are too busy to clean themselves or
have large families with several children
Standard clean includes:
Throughout the house
‣Floors cleaned
‣Carpet and rugs vacuumed
‣Surfaces, ( including picture frames and important objects), and
wanted areas dusted
‣Baseboards wiped down

‣ Mirrors wiped down
‣ Windowsills wiped down
‣ Trash taken out
‣ Beds made in bedrooms
In the Bathroom
‣ Shower, (including the tub and walls), toilets and floors cleaned and
‣ Sink, taps, and countertop cleaned
‣ Mirrors and lights fixtures wiped down
In the Kitchen
‣ Front of refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave wiped down
‣ Outside of range hood, top and front of range cleaned
‣ Drip pans cleaned
‣ Countertop and sinks wiped down and disinfected
‣ Chrome polished
‣ Dining table wiped down

Diamond Deep Clean

While a deep clean is pricier than a standard clean, it will
leave your home spotless from top to bottom.
When you would need a deep clean?

‣ When first hiring a cleaning company a deep clean is required
‣ When moving out of an apartment condo or rental home, this
is perfect for that security deposit can be returned to you
‣ When moving into a new property, many people like a deep
cleaned so they feel more comfortable in the living space
‣ When hosting a large event , a deep clean can prepare the
space for guests

Deep clean includes:
Throughout the house
‣ Trash cans wiped down
‣ All decorative objects dusted and cleaned
‣ Doors, door frames, and doorknobs wiped down
‣ Baseboards and heater vents cleaned
‣ Vacuum underneath beds, couches, furnitures
‣ Furniture and upholstery detailed
‣ Carpet edges vacuumed
‣ Dust and wipe down ceiling fans, lamp shades, and blinds
In the Bathroom
‣ Shower door thoroughly cleaned
‣ Tile grout scrubbed and disinfected
In the Kitchen
‣ Inside of the oven, and range hood cleaned
‣ Inside the Refrigerator cleaned
‣ Microwave interior, exterior, and underneath cleaned
‣ Cabinet exteriors wiped down

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