Tips To Cut Your Cleaning Time
December 2, 2018
Here is how you can clean the house in one hour:
March 3, 2019

1. You choose a sunny day

“Do this job in the blazing sun and the cleaner will dry onto the hot windows before you get to wipe it off, leaving hard-to-remove streaks. Instead, choose a cloudy day. But if the sun’s out and you’re itching to clean, start with the windows on the shady side of the house.

2. You don’t dust the sills and sashes first

Skip this step and any liquid that drips onto the window frames will create a muddy mess. Always vacuum the frame, sill and sash first before tackling the glass.

3. You don’t use enough window cleaner

Don’t be afraid to generously spritz your windows with window glass cleaner, especially if they are extra dirty. “You need plenty of cleaner to dissolve and suspend the dirt so it can be completely wiped away — skimp and you’ll be seeing streaks.

4. You use newspaper to dry

Some folks swear by this trick but using newspaper to dry windows. It can be messy, ineffective and prefers microfiber cloths. “They are super absorbent, washable and leave the glass shiny and streak-free.

5. You dry with a weak, linty paper towel

But if a paper towel is still your cloth of choice, choose one that’s up to the task. There’s nothing worse than drying with a towel that separates in two or leaves lots of lint on the glass.

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